High Speed Steel

High speed steel is used for the production of industrial drills and cutters which are tools that rotate quickly when in use. Components can be brought to shape by milling, turning and sawing.

Diam. 3mm ~1200mm (Cold drawn / Hot rolled / Forged)
Block THK 100 ~ 800mm x Width 100 ~ 1600mm x Length 500 ~ 5800mm
Flat THK 10 ~ 90mm x Width 60 x 550mm x Length 2500 x 5800mm

Brand Name Nearest Related Specificati
Typical Composition (%) & Properties
C Mn Si Cr W V Mo Ni Co
M2 1.3343
DIN S5-5-2
0.85 0.30 0.30 4.10 6.10 2.00 5.00
Description & Applications: HSS is bound to molybdenum, vanadium and tungsten, which has a high hardenability, high toughness, high wear resistance and excellent cutting properties. Used for taps, drills, spirals, broaches, reamers, countersinking bits, cutters, metal cutters and tools for tapping and cold forming.
M35 1.3243
DIN S6-5-2-5
0.91 0.40(max) 0.45(max) 4.15 6.30 1.90 4.75
Description & Applications: M35 is a molybdenum high speed steel which possesses very high resistance to wear and to softening at elevated temperatures. It also contains a highly resistant cutting edge, good toughness, a deep hardening response, and high hot hardness. It is used for highly stressed drills, milling cutters, profile cutting tools, thread cutting drills and cold forming tools.
M42 1.3247
DIN S2-10-1-8
1.10 0.40(max) 0.70(max) 4.00 1.55 1.10 9.50 8.00
Description & Applications: Capable of very high hardness values, this is a molybdenum type, high speed tool steel. This alloy has excellent hot hardness and wear resistance and is commonly employed to machine difficult-to-machine materials including superalloys.
M7 1.3348
DIN S2-9-2
0.98 0.40(max) 0.70(max) 4.00 1.80 1.95 8.70
Description & Applications:  One of the High-Speed Tool Steels in the molybdenum alloy family with tungsten, chromium and vanadium for strengthening. M7 has good hardenability and is extremely wear resistant. It also has very high resistance to softening at elevated temperatures and good toughness. Deep hardening response.